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Spatap Portable Tap (Safety Yellow)

Spatap Portable Tap (Safety Yellow)

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Spatap safety yellow is colour coded to international standards for water aid and emergency relief. Spatap is a perfect tool for emergency preparedness and off grid water access.

Spatap Portable Tap immediately transforms water accessibility when disconnected from the mains supply grid. Spatap is a perfect handwashing and personal hygiene solution for off grid locations.

Simply attach the “Spatap” silicone fitting to any ordinary bottle of water to instantly transform it into a water saving, flow controllable tap. (Can also be used as a shower)

Hang it anywhere with the adjustable hanging strap for an instant handwashing station and convenient access to soap stored on the base of the inverted bottle.

Carry your own personal tap anywhere and hand wash with soap and water in any situation.

Easily wash or clean, hands, teeth, dishes, children, food, wounds, cuts, menstruation, pets or anything you would wash with a normal tap, whilst saving enormous amounts of water.

Soap and water is much more effective than hand sanitizer and infinitely more eco-friendly than using wipes.

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1st prize winner:Australian Aid Water Challenge 2017
Standard Bank Water4Africa 2015
Spatap is a partner of “The Global Handwashing Partnership”

Made from Recycable Silicone

Silicone is food and water safe certified.

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Tracked Shipping internationally, Full Refund if not completely satisified. 10 years of successful handwashing worldwide.


Keep it clean with soap and water, soak in a bucket and hang to dry.

User Instructions

Use Spatap only for dispensing water, do not let small children play with Spatap, there are choking hazards present. Spatap is not a toy, it is a profession water dispensing instrument.

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Minimal Flow

Spatap has 3 different flows, minimal, free flow and big wash. Choose you flow and go with it.

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