Spatap + bottle = portable tap.

Use a Spatap for: Handwashing, first aid, washing dishes, hydration, water saving, and a solar shower.

Click video below to see Spatap in action

Spatap provides portable water access

Outdoor recreation, emergency preparedness, humanitarian aid and off-grid locations.

Spatap’s user base includes

First aiders, campers, preppers, festival-goers, government aid, rural schools, charities, schools, security, parents, hikers, gardeners, truck drivers, picnickers, motorists, pet owners, masseurs.

  • Handwashing

    Handwashing anywhere with soap and running water is now possible, stay healthy, stay safe!

  • Travel

    Whilst travelling many touchpoints and people are encountered. Simply wash your hands anywhere, even Time Square.

  • Water Saving

    Save enormous amounts of water with Spatap, Tooth brush with 5 or get upto 60 handwashes with soap from only 1.5 lts of water.

Humanitarian Aid

Spatap can provide a bespoke handwashing behaviour change system designed to help people with no access to running water. Find out more humanitarian work by viewing the video below.


What is Spatap made of ?

Silicone which is Food & Water Safety Certified. The strap is made from high quality water resistant cord, with a pull-lock stopper and hook and loop hanging fastener.

How many flows does Spatap have ?

3 flows of water for accurate and measured water dispensing. Minimal, free flow & big wash.

Do all bottles work the same ?

No, all bottles are different, some are good for using as a tap (firm bottle) some bottles are good for showers (softer 2L+) Test a range of bottles until you find your perfect match for the washing job in hand.

Which bottles ?

The Spatap will stretch over bottle lips between 24mm-42mm. Plastic water bottles, army canteens, shampoo bottles, 2.2L hydration bottles, 19L big blue bottles, cans, jam jars, glass, metal flasks, the possible containers to hold the water only stops with your imagination.

Has Spatap won any awards ?

Yes, Spatap has won 1st prize in the Australian Government's Humanitarian Supplies challenge 2017 and 1st prize in Standard Bank's Water4Africa competition 2015.